Enterprise Applications Security – How much is enough?

A brief showcase of the tool that is successfully being used for defining the baseline security level for Enterprise Applications is a highlight of this presentation. This presentation helps the practitioners define what is best for their enterprise instead of following any best practice that may only be good in a specific context. Further, this presentation also talks about how to deal with regulatory compliances such as PCI-DSS while maintaining the baseline application security stature.

Session Takeaways:

  1. Comprehensive and pragmatic information about dealing with Enterprise application security testing
  2. Learn how to plan for security testing
  3. Understand how to assess the application risk based on threat factors and sensitivity
  4. A clear effective method on deciding how much security is enough security for any application.

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Speaker Background

Lakshminarasimha Manjunatha Mohan is a passionate Software testing professional and seasoned technology leader and tech-savvy professional with over 11 years of proven international experience in Enterprise Software Test Solutions and Test Management. He is a maverick and is always on the lookout for challenges and doing things differently. He was instrumental in initiating the Technical Testing