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The Future of Testing - How Testing and Technology Will Change

Conference Plenary at STeP-IN SUMMIT 2010 (February 2010)

Joachim Herschmann - Product Director - Test Automation, Borland - a Micro Focus company

During these challenging economic times and in coming years, test and quality professionals—and development organizations as a whole—will be under ever-increasing pressure to test better and test faster. In the face of rapid technology changes, vastly more complex systems, globalization, and new regulatory burdens, changes in the way we test—and develop—software are critical. Deeply embedded software, SOA, mobile devices, cloud computing, and technologies of which we aren’t even aware affect testing and often make it more difficult. And dynamically interacting systems that continuously morph themselves make it almost impossible to know what we are even testing. While new approaches like agile and lean development are rapidly gaining popularity, they pose new challenges and opportunities for software quality. Join Joachim Herschmann and delve into these and other emerging trends that impact testing. Explore the ways that these powerful forces will result in burgeoning new test technologies and require software leaders to change the way they think about the quality professional role, test technologies and processes. Joachim shares Borland’s experience as it undergoes massive changes in its development methodologies and test technologies to prepare them for the inevitable.

A Fresh Look at Quality from a SaaS Perspective

Assuring quality in an enterprise setting in today’s business and technology climate requires a fresh look at how we define quality and the quality leader’s role. Time-to-market becomes increasingly more important as customer and market demands increase.

Mobile Performance Testing

Conference Plenary at STeP-IN SUMMIT 2012 (February 2012)
Nantha Kumar, Senior Systems Analyst, IDC Performance Testing Capability, Accenture Services Private Limited, (Chennai), India

Virtual World” today is no longer a term to be discussed in Conf Rooms. Mobile as the word states determines/defines the phase at which an entity operates. Mobile regardless of the type, has moved from “Nice to have” to “Must have”. With exponential growing demand for Mobile Applications, its increasingly important for Mobile Application developers/Mobile Platform Developers to produce system’s that meets the demand of the end users as similar to that of a non mobile product. In this tutorial we would be discussing.

Tipping Over - Testing in Production

Conference Plenary at STeP-IN SUMMIT 2012 (February 2012)
Anutthara Bharadwaj, Lead Program Manager, Visual Studio Test Tools, Microsoft Corporation

How could Test have missed this bug? Why did customers find the bug before Test did? These are questions that can evoke some very emotional responses from various people, depending on who you pose it to. But, in times such as ours, where shipping services implies shorter release cycles, higher quality, rapid scaling and multiple integration points, how do Test teams rise to the challenge?