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Testing in testing times

Paper Presentation – at STeP-IN Forum's Software Testing Conference Hyderabad
(September 03,  2010)

V. K. Kripanand, Founder and Director Solutions, see beyond technologies
The last 2 years have seen some turbulent times for the Indian Software Industry and many have talked predicting the end of the road for the Indian IT Industry. However, most companies have delivered exciting quarter on quarter performances, have improved their bottom lines and have delivered to the market expectation. The situation had probably affected a corrective course which had its own pros and cons.

Economic Hypothesis illustration about Software quality influence on Business Performance

Conference Plenary at STeP-IN Theme conference: Test Measurements & Metrics (September 2007)
Karthik Ramachandran - Test Lead, ANZ

Software Testing and its Business value have been perplexed and debated for a number of years. Some firms have found that large productivity improvements attributable to Software Testing, as well as evidence that Software Testing has generated substantial benefits for consumers. However, others continue to question whether Software Testing have had any bottom line impact on business performance. They consider testing as something that can be sacrificed, if necessary, for more functionality, faster development, or lower costs. However, in practice, software development organizations that have a firm commitment to quality can actually speed development, reduce costs, and add new features with greater ease. Industry findings indicate that testing have led to higher productivity and created substantial value for consumers.

Are you testing like a customer?

Paper Presentation – at STeP-IN SUMMIT 2007(January 2007)
Tanuj Vohra - Senior Engineering Manager for Automated Software Quality Development, IBM Rational
Most QA organizations struggle to answer a few basic questions. Is the testing that they are doing relevant and/or effective? Are they spending adequate time and resources on testing? When is the quality good enough? Is the testing covering real life customer scenarios? This presentation will provide suggestions on how to go about solving some of these mysteries during various phases of a software development life cycle

Measuring Heuristic Evaluation Skills

Heuristic Evaluation is a discount usability engineering method for quick evaluation of a user interface. It involves 3 or more evaluators examining the interface and judging its compliance with a set of recognized usability principles (the "heuristics").