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Software Quality and Testing -Business Perspectives

The talk aims to provide senior management and business related perspectives on software quality assurance and testing in a software company. The talk would address strategic importance of these functions activities and their impact on business as well as from a customer perspective. Additionally, perspectives relating to effective implementation of these functions for business success would be discussed.

Software Testing – Market Trends

Academics reported that in 2002 alone, the technology industry spent a whopping $60 billion in finding and fixing software defects. A large number of organizations reported an incredible 50% of their software development spends on finding and fixing software defects. Several organizations have started to realize the need for

Building the Testing Brand

Today the testing industry has picked up momentum and all the large players are moving ahead with big growth plans. To support this growth the industry requires a large motivated work force at both junior and senior levels.This plenary talk attempts to describe the methods the industry needs to use to be able to build a brand that starts attracting the best in the software industry to this new career path. The brand building needs to cover both the internal stakeholder and the external stake holder. This talk will also cover the Infosys experience in as much detail as possible.

The Road to Perfection The Road to Perfection - Personal traits to becoming the finest test engineer

Delivering high-quality products requires a mindset for perfection. It requires each individual team member to strive for excellence. It goes beyond techniques, processes and tools.The “Road to Perfection” is an endless road with bumps and potholes. Driving on this road requires personality traits such as constant goal focus, unwavering customer point of view, continuous optimization, a fine balance between theory and its application, paying attention to the minutest details, constant questioning, business-oriented view of actions, learning from other disciplines, and so on.