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Building tomorrow’s test organization

Conference Plenary at STeP-IN Forum's HSTC 2011 (September 2011)
Manisha Saboo, Delivery Manager, Infosys Technologies Limited
Software testing has matured over the last decade. Are you ready to embrace the changing expectations from a test organization?

During the presentation we will discuss key aspects of building tomorrow’s test organization which has moved away from “independent testing” to “collaborative testing”.

Testing team which is involved in project from requirement gathering phase, helping BA to perfect requirement documentation. The team which works with project manager for estimations & planning based on predicted defect trends. The testing team which collaborates with PMO to identify weak links in the program.

What does it take to build such a team? Let’s understand the different facets of building tomorrow’s test organization.

Create Customer Value with Agile Testing

Conference Plenary at STeP-IN Forum's HSTC 2011 (September 2011)
Ben Walters, Director of Program Management for Visual Studio Test and Lab Management, Microsoft
Roles are changing for Testers in Agile Teams. Rather than being a compliance officer who tracks conformance to a spec, I want to act as the as the user’s proxy during the Sprint. It is important that I discover the implications of product backlog items, explore the consequences and ensure that the working software will stand up to real world use. I want to make sure that my team is building the right product, a product that will delight our customers. I need to have the process and communication barriers between me and the other people on my team removed to allow us all to focus on maximizing customer value rather than dealing with bureaucratic overhead. Come learn about techniques that are allowing many teams worldwide to achieve these goals today.

Innovation in our DNA

Vijay Anand is responsible for leading Intuit’s India Development Center (IDC) as Vice President and Managing Director. In this role Vijay is responsible for formulating the vision and strategy for IDC to become one of Intuit's premier development centers worldwide and support Intuit's quest to be a premier innovative growth company.

Throbbing areas of Test Automation Projects: Risk Assessment & Alleviation

Paper Publication at STeP-IN Forum's HSTC 2011 (September 2011)
Vasu Chiluveru, Testing Project Lead, Mahindra Satyam
Objective of the test automation approach is to give more deliverables than the manual approach with the low cost, less resources in less number of days. Initially, the cost of the project might be very high due to the automation tools but as we use automation for longer run, benefit due to test automation has significant results for future. Generally, during project acquisition stakeholders also includes Risks, Challenges and Assumptions.
In our contest we more concentrate on Risks area that has impact directly and indirectly on project execution. The Risks areas could be at Business Level, Management Level, Process Level, Team Level, Root/Technical Level and Integration Level. Here this paper elaborates more on risk probability/ occurrences on each area and mitigation techniques.