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Do you find Compatibility Bugs or Compatibility Bugs You?

Paper Publication – at STeP-IN SUMMIT 2011(February 2011)
Shishira S Rao, Sr. QA Engineer, Amrita Desai, QA Engineer & Ashish Khandelwal, Sr. QA Engineer, McAfee Software
The gap between developing and production environments creates the Quality challenge if you aspire to build a world class product that called itself “I am Compatible”.

Compatibility testing, a part of software non-functional tests, falls generally under low priority list for the product management. Burden of functional testing, fulfillment of release deadlines and establishment of other preferred non-functional testing types like Performance, Security, Load/Stress, GUI and automation pose obstacles in adopting compatibility testing. You bother not to find “bugs in Compatibility till Compatibility bug you”. Changing trends in the software industry such as agile software development increase in number of Hotfixes and patches due to compatibility issues and enhanced application usage highlights importance of compatibility testing. The purpose of compatibility testing is to bridge this gap and evaluate the application’s compatibility with computing environment.

Testers aren’t born, they acquire greatness!

Conference Plenary – at STeP-IN SUMMIT 2011
(February 2011)
Diwakar Menon, Head, Service Delivery, Tech Mahindra

My journey from developer to tester to manager to delivery head was largely in an era of organisations that were not silo’d. Then the India story needed to be sold, the projects needed to be grown to accounts and people grew into their subsequent roles on account of the fact that there were no glass ceilings. We didn’t always do things right, but mistakes were less critiqued, you could shake off the dust, smile and live to tell another story.

The real taste of Testing

Conference Plenary – at STeP-IN SUMMIT 2011
(February 2011)
V.K.Kripanand, Founder, see beyond technologies

Finding the unknown is something that our ancestors have done for years now.  The search and quest for knowledge of mankind is something that we all should be proud of.   Having invented and discovered quite a lot of tools, equipments and technology for the betterment of living has driven mankind to a great world of gadgets and a super fast way of getting simple things done quickly and effectively.

The Software Industry has grown leaps and bounds in the last 2 decades.  From input devices like the punch card reader to gesture based input devices being sported on latest gadgets, this growth has been phenomenal.