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Insurance Business Process Verification – Integrating Business with Technology


Arindam Sarkar — Project Manager, Gaurav Oberoi — Module Lead, and Rimjhim Oberoi —Lead — Compliance project of an Insurance Intermediary, L&T Infotech


The Insurance Industry is facing a real challenge these days and that too from various directions. On one hand, the saturation of the insurance market is pushing insurance companies to innovate their traditional products and bring them to the market as soon as possible so as to have a winning edge over competitors. On the other hand, Mergers & Acquisitions have led them into a very complex IT landscape, which is an inevitable situation for almost all insurance companies. Given such a genuinely complex situation, insurance companies are facing a real challenge to integrate Business and IT needs.

Practical Aspects of Web Application Penetration testing and vulnerability analysis

Sadaf Kazi — Security Testing Engineer, Aztecsoft
Nilesh Dasharathi — Test Analyst, Aztecsoft


The success of a web application penetration testing project is directly proportional to the quality of its execution cycle. Executing a penetration testing project is very different from executing a functional testing project given the fundamentally different goals and challenges of penetration testing and vulnerability analysis. It is therefore surprising that very little published work deals with the unique challenges of the practical aspects of penetration testing projects. 

Co—creation of value in testing services for the BFSI industry

Speaker Profile: Arun Kumar Singh, General Manager - BFSI Testing Services, Wipro Technologies

Arun Kumar Singh, General Manager — BFSI Testing Services, has about 19 years of experience in IT design, development and QA. He has worked with C—DOT, DCM—DP, AT&T in USA. Arun joined Wipro in its telecom solution division in 1999. During his career in Wipro he has served in a variety of management positions encompassing technical, marketing, strategic planning, business development and delivery roles in telecom and BFSI domains. Arun has done his B.E. (honors) in Electronics and Communication Engineering and masters in Marketing Management. Arun currently heads the group providing QA solutions to the banking, finance, securities and insurance customers across the world.

BFSI Testing in an SOA Domain

 Paper Presentation at Testing BFSI Applications Conference September 2008

Ravi Variar, Senior Executive, Accenture

As Financial Services get more integrated within the organization as well as with each other, the loose coupling of applications is giving way to integration through service provisioning with Service Oriented Architecture. This discussion will focus on the impact of the new architectures on the testing practices and explore the challenges created as the applications move in the SOA direction. It will next take the journey into the responses to these challenges to improve the effectiveness of the testing process with examples from financial services.