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Emergence of Cloud Computing and Software Testing- A perspective

Conference Plenary – at STeP-IN SUMMIT 2012 (February 2012)
Anuj Magazine, Senior Manager - Products (Globalization Services), Citrix R&D India Pvt. Ltd.

Are Cloud Computing and Software Testing related? As guessed, they are. Any advancement in the Computing Technology, directly or indirectly, impacts the Software Testing profession. This holds good primarily for the reason that, generally most of these advancements positively change the way users uses Computer Applications and any change in the way Customers perceive the Applications obviously changes the way Software Testing is conducted. As Technology becomes more complex, Testing becomes more important.

Cloud Performance Testing

Conference Plenary – at STeP-IN Forum's HSTC 2011 (September 2011)
Dr. Neelesh Kumbhojkar, Sr. Project Manager, Kriti Tiwari, Technical Associate and Narasimha Rao, Delivery Unit Head, Tech Mahindra
The multi-dimensional forces from market, technology and services, are pushing all the enterprise ecosystem players rapidly to a crossroad of huge opportunities and menacing threats. Development of a myriad of applications and services to meet customer expectations, the ever-increasing complexity of their development cycles and deployments; expectations such as faster concept-to-market, right-first-time, and do-more-in-less (cost and infrastructure) are making the competition fiercer.

Performance Engineering in Virtualized and Cloud Environments – A Scientific Perspective

Conference Plenary – at STeP-IN SUMMIT 2011(February 2011)
Rajeshwari Ganesan and Ramkumar Ramaswamy, Co-founders, Performance Engineering Associates
Gartner Group has predicted that cloud computing will be the top strategic opportunity in technology for 2010, and that the forecasted cloud revenue could grow to $150 billion in 2013. Cloud computing according to the industry leaders is under hyped and the explosive growth is expected in the years to come. Going forward, we will see many product companies and service providers, both small and large, start embracing it as a cornerstone of their IT infrastructure or service portfolio. Just the way Web development brought about a paradigm shift in the way software is developed and deployed, it is expected that cloud computing will also bring about a paradigm shift.

Virtualization: Testing beyond boundaries

Conference Plenary – at STeP-IN Forum's HSTC 2012 (September 2012)
Murali Meenakshi Sundaram, Head – Cloud & Emerging Technology Testing Practice, ITS, CSC
Having already proved to be more than just hype and most industry analysts unanimously declaring cloud computing as a viable option that offers several key business benefits, enterprises today view the cloud route as a lucrative option than the traditional alternatives that would involve huge infrastructure spend. Virtualization of landscapes (development, QA, staging, sand box or test) has only scratched the surface of this disruptive, innovating technology. The benefits include wider platform support, wider releases support, more number of configuration support within the cloud environment, not to mention special used cases for BCP and DR plans for all products and services corporations. Testing tools can be in ‘As-a-Service’ model. More than one tool can be used for practice (useful in Security testing – to triangulate on False Positive). While more can be done satisfying all infrastructures needs – including several of the “skunk works” to nurture innovation, this could be on social collaboration, big data, and/or analytics technology in a ‘As-a-Service’ model.