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Mobile Application Test Automation - Understand the Ecosystem and Strategies for better Testing

Mobile Application Test Automation

About the Webinar

Why is mobile testing key? Mobile Devices are today poised to challenge PCs as the application platform of choice, with 412 million mobile internet devices expected to be shipped in 2012 compared to 139 million PCs. Global market reports indicate that Mobile has begun to play a major role in human life and productivity.

We are already seeing an increasing trend of people preferring mobile devices to transact  their day to day needs around Banking, Shopping, Health care, Socializing and IT. As more and more businesses roll out mobile applications to tap this ever increasing user base, the quality of these applications plays a crucial role in guaranteeing an engaging user experience.

However, assuring the quality of mobile solutions comes with its own challenges. A Mobile QA strategy needs to manage platform fragmentation, address multi-channel mobile solutions (leveraging Native, Web & Hybrid approach), multi-device/form factor based usability patterns, large scale device testing requirements, ensure security of transactions and also address performance and user experience considerations.

What we are going to discuss:

  • The solutions to address the Mobile application testing challenges mentioned above.
  • How an automation and framework approach can address and accelerate and improve our testing productivity.

A successful mobile QA strategy is one that can assure predictive product quality while assuring Time to market and optimizing Costs.

Questions from participants will also be collected through the Audience Poll option and addressed by Subash at the end of the session

Speaker Profile
Speaker Subash Khan Pattan
Sr. QA Technical Architect
Symphony Teleca

Subash has 12+ years of experience in Software Quality. He has played multiple roles as QA & Development Manager to assess, define and develop QA Processes, Strategies, Tools and Frameworks. He has managed high volume QA projects delivered Quality Products and also has experience working in client facing roles in the USA & UK. Subash is a Certified QA Process expert.

Subash’s primary areas of expertise areas are QA Assessments and Solutioning, Quality Transformation and Automation Engineering.


Date: December 20, 2012
Time: 4.00 PM - 5.00 PM
Limited Seats. Block your date.
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