Simplify Retail Complexity through a Test CoE

Pressure on Time to Market - Business pressure to reduce lead-time is forcing technology owners to test applications at a faster rate and at reduced cost leading to quality problems as well as operational challenges
A holistic shared services testing organization can effectively address all the challenges of testing the retail IT landscape and alleviating the pressure points in the retail sector.

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Speaker Background

Preeti Srivastav, Test Manager, Infosys

Preeti hasmore than 7 years of experience in the IT industry in Japan, India and The US. Preeti started her career as a programmer for an SAP organization in India and then moved to Japan. After working in Japan in the field of SAP sales and marketing for about 1-2 years, she moved back to India and worked in the sales and marketing for the Asia Pacific region, especially Japan, China and Australia.
Thereafter she moved to USA and has been working in the IT of hi-tech and manufacturing vertical, Japanese companies in the USA and validation services across North America, especially for the retail domain. She has been working in the sales and pre sales realm of validation services of the retail domain and has experienced the challenges mentioned in the paper.
Preeti has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in the Japanese language from JNU, Delhi. She is a Stanford certified project manager and undergone a post graduate diploma in International Trade from Symbiosis Institute of management.