Welcome to Hyderabad Software Testing Conference – HSTC 2012

HSTC 2012: Software Testing Version2.0: Smarter, Leaner and Simpler


HSTC 2012 , STeP-IN Forum’s Software Testing Conference at Hyderabad had enlightening viewpoints, and knowledge sharing sessions by subject matter experts and industry stalwarts across the two day event.

The highlight of the day on September 27 was the Open House on ‘Anti-Cloud Patters: How QA can play a role on decision making of Cloud Adoption by Raj Neravati, Chief Operating Officer, Cigniti Inc. Participations were made aware about Cloud Patterns – Need vs. Adoption, Marketing vs. Reality, ROI vs. Cost. Raj discussed the elevation of QA from Validation / Verification to Feasibility Study / ROI Decision Making. An exciting discussion ensued on how QA could become the trusted advisor for a CIO / CFO in safeguarding investments; What the checks & balances on Cloud Adoption and Migration should be, as well as, Cloud Offerings in the world of TaaS.

Srinivasan Desikan, acclaimed author on Software Testing and Worldwide Strategy Capability Management – Testing & Cloud, HP, floored the audience with his humorous, yet insightful workshop on ScrAgile Testing. Participants found the case study and examples relevant, easy to identify with and filled with great learning.

Other sessions that deserved a special mention included Udhay Kumar’s (Head Performance Engineering CoE, Wipro) Capacity Modeling: The next milestone in Performance Engineering’ and
Harpreet Singh Wadhwa’s (Technical Lead – Build and Release, SYMPHONY TELECA) Continuous delivery and continuous testing – enabling to test early and frequently

September 28 started on an energetic note with the insightful key note address from Alan Harlan — Executive Vice President and General Manager, ISV Division, Symphony Teleca, on Growing up the value chain in Software Quality. Alan’s talk threw light on Global trends and opportunities and how to differentiate and embrace PDS 2.0 (product development services) in the areas of Quality & Testing.

Anand Arumilli’s (QA Manager, Oracle India) The Argumentative Tester – A framework for powerful argumentative wins for testers, set participants thinking about the skills and strategies that a tester can adopt to potentially win most/if not all these arguments that invariably arise in numerous situations in the software development cycle where the tester needs to convince the stakeholders on a Quality Perception. A thought-provoking session, it held the audience rapt till the very end, and was a fitting topic for the final Plenary session.

This International Conference is a platform where academicians and professionals come together to share their knowledge, allowing practitioners to leverage experiences and practices on performing effective testing, using both resources and test automation tools effectively.