"Demystifying Globalization Testing"

Anuj Magazine, Manager products (Globalization Services), Citrix R&D India Pvt. Ltd.


In order to thrive in today‚Äôs competitive business world, Software products have evolved and grown in complexity. In addition to  software being enhanced in terms of features and technical capabilities, one of the areas that has evolved recently is Software Globalization. To give an example, Office 95 was supported in 27 different languages. Office 2007 supports more than four times as many languages and the list continues to grow as the worldwide market for software grows.

With the world getting tinier by the day, the demand for high quality locale aware software is high and continues to increase. The arena of Software Globalization has also seen a positive drift from Japanization  to "Simship" in the past decade or so. Many new Globalization specific concepts have emerged during this era such as Unicode, Single Base Binary, Multilingual User Interface etc. and all this has led to Software Globalization testing become a separate discipline. While Software Globalization testing is still finding its feet as a separate discipline in many organizations, more mature organizations have embraced it and have reaped benefits successfully over the years. For anyone who is new to Globalization testing, the introduction to this discipline is often surrounded by pre-conceived notions, often resulting in misconceptions. This tutorial primarily aims at covering the diverse and practical aspects of Software Globalization Testing, right from the basics to the advanced topics like Pseudo Localization.


Presentation, Practical Examples, Discussions and a Quiz

Key benefits to the audience:

This workshop intends to cover the basic concepts of Globalization testing along with varied real life examples. It also aims at covering the diverse topics related to Globalization testing such as Test case design, Test strategy development, Test planning and the innovative methodologies such as Pseudo translation approach towards testing.

Intended audience:

Test Engineers, Test Leads, Test Managers

Content flow:

  • Globalization Testing Introduction and Basics
  • Understanding components of Internationalization Testing
  • Understanding components of Localization Testing
  • Assessing Globalization maturity of a Software product
  • Globalization Test strategy and Test Plan- Finer points
  • Using Pseudo translation to ensure world-ready software
  • Uncovering myths about Globalization Testing

Speaker's Profile:

Anuj Magazine, Manager products (Globalization Services), Citrix R&D India Pvt. Ltd.

Anuj Magazine is a Software Globalization Testing practitioner currently working at Citrix R&D India Pvt. Ltd. In his current and past experiences, he has been extensively involved in different aspects of Globalization Testing (of both Consumer and Enterprise products) across a myriad of languages. He likes exploring new avenues and their intersection with the Software testing profession such as Handwriting Analysis, Assembly line approach, Six thinking hats etc.

Anuj is passionate about Software testing and has been a regular speaker at conferences, such as QAI, ISQT Step-Auto, SoftTec, bug de-bug etc. and has spoken on several software testing topics. He has written articles in www.stickyminds.com, TheSmartTechie Magazine, and writes frequently in his blog http://anujmagazine.blogspot.com. He holds a professional qualification in Handwriting Analysis.