Business Driven Test Automation

The response to these challenges was Business driven test automation. Business driven test automation enabled the subject matter experts to be an integral part of the test automation process in almost the same way as a technical automation expert. A close watch on the industry trends in test automation shows that the market has rightly moved in to create products and tools that implement the features of business process and reuse. This has not only reduced dependency on the extremely acute resource pool of automation experts, but also ensured that test coverage is maximized.

Currently available techniques and methodologies of business driven test automation still posess some gaps.

The authors suggest the following approach to address these gaps, and augment and accelerate the test automation process.

Key concepts like

platform-independent test case modeling

business abstraction layer using Object Logical names

division of labor and

enhanced reusability

Enablers like

Business element modelers

robust scripting engines for multiple platforms

keyword function libraries and

Document generators.

  Speaker's Background

Sreeja Unnikrishnan is a Test Analyst with Infosys Technologies Ltd. She has almost 4 years of experience in evaluating test automation tools and defining and implementing test automation frameworks. She currently leads the development and deployment of packaged test automation solutions from Independent Validation Solutions (IVS), the testing group of Infosys.


Freethan Meignanam is a Test Engineer with Infosys Technologies Ltd. He has over eight months experience in developing and testing ready-to-market solutions involving test automation frameworks.