People Development: Approaches for Tomorrow’s Test Organizations


Focusing on a people-oriented approach can create a successful test organization that not only outgrows itself, but also helps its people draw career paths to scale up the quality pyramid. In this session, Sai draws on the years of conventional wisdom and propounds on building smart testing organizations whose hallmarks are its people, competencies and skills.

Speaker's Background

Sai Chintala heads the software testing professional services group at AppLabs. He has been with AppLabs since Dec 2002.

Sai has over 16 years of IT experience. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies in US for over 12 years. He began his career at William Telecommunications, where he worked on building applications for NeXT desktops. Later he got into developing X-windows applications at Schlumberger Well Services. Sai was part of key Legacy to Client server implementation at Fidelity Investments & Brokerage services, before contributing to SAP implementation at Phillips Lighting in New Jersey. For over 6 years, Sai worked very closely with utility deregulation phenomenon in US. As part of utility deregulation implementation (while working at NSI, Exolink, and Alliance Data), Sai has contributed to utility deregulation implementation at NYSEG, NIMO, PECO, PSEG, Duquesne, Penn Power, CSP, CNGE, TXU, and HP&P.

Sai has an MS in Computer Science from Lamar University, Texas and a BS in Civil Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad.