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Testers' Arena: Contest #9 of 12

Read the links at http://www.huibschoots.nl/wordpress/?page_id=1771 and come up with your blogpost highlighting why ISO 29119 standard is bad for software testing.

The blog can be on your website, blogger or Wordpress. Share the link for evaluation.

  Expected Deliverables:
An email comprising the link of your blogpost to testersarena@stepinforum.org
Make sure to include your name and organization in the email as well.

  Judging criteria:
Key points highlighting understanding of the standard
Points highlighting why the standard should be discouraged
Overall quality of the blog post
  General Guidelines:
This will be a series of 12 monthly contests, open to all software testers.
You can choose to participate in any of the 12 contests.
We recommend you participate in all 12.
This contest is open for any software tester and is not restricted based on experience, location or organisation.
In case of multiple entries, the first entry will be accepted.
Maximum team size of 2 participants per entry.
Decision of the judges is final.
Submissions received after the deadline WILL NOT be entertained.
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Contest #9 Submission closes on September 17, 2014 at midnight


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