Dr Sukanta Bhatt


Journey of the Highly Effective Test Professional


Software products are getting bigger in size and complexity day by day. At the same time, profit margins are under tremendous pressure due to increased competition. In addition, high quality products and timely delivery are demanded by every customer.

Test professionals are mostly involved with writing test cases, test execution and report preparation. Test schedules are always under pressure and hence test engineers are a very busy group. However, testing is becoming the focus of strategic importance. With ever increasing competition, cost is always under pressure. Organizations are looking for efficient processes to optimize testing. Process knowledge and maturity is becoming part of core competency. In addition, formal test techniques are gaining higher acceptance as they create better coverage, higher reuse and are more predictable. Test tools are also becoming very popular due to productivity gain. A good knowledge of test tools is a necessary skill now.

The Testing function, many a times is perceived, as a conflicting role with that of developers. Therefore, people skills are very essential for effective test function. Good interpersonal skills are a sure success factor. Test professions can bring new insights via their test reports with proper pattern identifications of quality parameters. In addition, a positive attitude can bring a refreshing touch to the team as a whole.

This paper tries to capture various aspects of testing in a holistic way. It identifies different dimensions of the testing role for higher effectiveness and provides insight in each of these aspects.

As a whole, a roadmap is provided for higher impact and effectiveness of a test professional in the organization.


Speaker's Background

Dr Sukanta Bhatt holds a Masters and a Ph.D. (1992) in Mathematics from IIT, Kharagpur. He has a total of 15 years of work experience. For six years he worked in academics. And last nine years in IT industry – both in development and testing. Currently he is working as a Senior Architect - Testing in Philips Medical Systems for Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore. He was responsible for test lab and test team setup, alpha testing and test automation framework implementation.